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liste de sites propagande russe enfin c'est "eux "qui le disent

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Inscrit le: 13 Sep 2008
Messages: 47 838
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MessagePosté le: 10.12.16 17:24    Sujet du message: liste de sites propagande russe enfin c'est "eux "qui le disent Répondre en citant

Is It Propaganda Or Not?
Your Friendly Neighborhood Propaganda Identification Service, Since 2016!

The List

November 30, 2016 0 Comments
An Initial Set of Sites That Reliably Echo Russian Propaganda

We have used a combination of manual and automated analysis, including analysis of content, timing, technical indicators, and other reporting, in order to initially identify (“red-flag”) the following as Russian propaganda outlets. We then confirmed our initial assessment by applying whatever criteria we did not originally employ during the red-flag process, and we reevaluate our findings as needed.

We assess that this overall Russian effort is at least semi-centralized, with multiple Russian projects and influence operations working in parallel to manage the direct and outsourced production of propaganda across a wide range of outlets. It is data-driven, and rewards effective entrepreneurship and innovation with increased funding and other resources. There are varying degrees of involvement in it, and awareness of involvement. Some people involved seem genuinely unaware that their outlets are being used by Russia as conduits for propaganda.

When an outlet establishes a pattern of behavior, by consistently, uncritically, and one-sidedly echoing, repeating, being used by, and redirecting their audiences to Russian official and semi-official state media, it is in an important sense irrelevant whether they are a paid Russian proxy, an honest true believer, or commercially opportunistic. The outcomes of serving strategically deceptive narratives to the American public are the same. We usually cannot know the motivations of the people involved in spreading Russian disinformation. While some investigative reporting has given us a strong idea of these motivations, motivations are ultimately less important to us than behavior. Both because we focus on outlets (websites, YouTube channels, social media accounts, etc.) rather than individuals, and because we focus on behaviors, we do not accuse individuals of deliberate wrongdoing or lawbreaking.

We would also like to be clear: We strongly believe in the First Amendment rights to freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Diverse and independent media are vital to the health of free society. Non-profit and commercial, alternative and mainstream - all are critical to our democracy. Americans have the right to echo, repeat, be used by, and refer their audiences to Russian official and semi-official state media, including “fake news” propaganda - just as we have the right to analyze and highlight that, without fear or favor. This list was never intended to be “black”. This is NOT a list of “paid” or “knowing” propaganda sources. It is NOT an attempt to censor, blacklist, or tar anyone.

We highlight them because we believe that the public should be able to know that very disparate kinds of online sources frequently display a consistent bias towards Russia in ways that echo, repeat, are used by, and redirect their audiences to Russian official and semi-official state media. We also highlight them to encourage readers to think critically about the media they encounter, especially when it might confirm their ideological preconceptions. We highlight. Unlike the Russian government, we do not censor.

An outlet must consistently and over time meet the full range of our criteria in order to qualify. We are happy to remove any that do not, and we welcome the opportunity to engage with anyone involved in order to constructively move forward.

If you have any questions, or run an outlet which you feel has been unfairly categorized, please contact us. We are happy to remove any outlet whose operators understand how Putin's Russia is a brutal authoritarian kleptocracy that uses "fake news" as online propaganda, and resolves to help do something about it. For example, any outlet that has used a lot of Russia Today and Sputnik News content, but resolves to stop doing so, is going to be removed from this list.

More detailed analysis is ongoing:

4thmedia.org newswithviews.com
4threvolutionarywar.wordpress.com nowtheendbegins.com
abeldanger.net nsnbc.me
activistpost.com off-guardian.org
ahtribune.com oftwominds.com
allnewspipeline.com oilgeopolitics.net
americanlookout.com opednews.com
americasfreedomfighters.com orientalreview.org
amren.com patriotrising.com
amtvmedia.com paulcraigroberts.org
ancient-code.com platosguns.com
anonews.co pravda.ru
anonhq.com pravdareport.com
antiwar.com prepperwebsite.com
asia-pacificresearch.com presstv.com
assassinationscience.com prisonplanet.com
baltimoregazette.com rbth.com
barenakedislam.com readynutrition.com
beforeitsnews.com redflagnews.com
bignuggetnews.com regated.com
bioprepper.com rense.com
blackagendareport.com righton.com
blacklistednews.com rinf.com
christianfightback.com ronpaulinstitute.org
collective-evolution.com rt.com
conservativedailypost.com rumormillnews.com
consortiumnews.com ruptly.tv
corbettreport.com russia-insider.com
cosmicscientist.com sana.sy
countercurrents.org sentinelblog.com
counterinformation.wordpress.com sgtreport.com
dailyoccupation.com shiftfrequency.com
dailystormer.com shtfplan.com
darkmoon.me silentmajoritypatriots.com
darkpolitricks.com silverdoctors.com
davidstockmanscontracorner.com sott.net
dcclothesline.com southfront.org
dcleaks.com sputniknews.com
defenddemocracy.press stormcloudsgathering.com
dennismichaellynch.com strategic-culture.org
disclose.tv superstation95.com
disclosuremedia.net survivopedia.com
drudgereport.com the-newspapers.com
educate-yourself.org theantimedia.org
educateinspirechange.org thecommonsenseshow.com
endingthefed.com thedailybell.com
endoftheamericandream.com thedailysheeple.com
endtime.com theduran.com
eutimes.net theearthchild.co.za
eutopia.buzz theeconomiccollapseblog.com
ewao.com theeventchronicle.com
eyeopening.info thefederalistpapers.org
fellowshipoftheminds.com thefreethoughtproject.com
filmsforaction.org themindunleashed.org
floridasunpost.com thenewsdoctors.com
foreignpolicyjournal.com therebel.media
fourwinds10.net therussophile.org
freedomoutpost.com thesaker.is
gaia.com thesleuthjournal.com
galacticconnection.com thetruenews.info
gangstergovernment.com thetruthseeker.co.uk
gatesofvienna.net theunhivedmind.com
geopolmonitor.com thirdworldtraveler.com
globalresearch.ca toprightnews.com
godlikeproductions.com trueactivist.com
govtslaves.info trunews.com
greanvillepost.com truth-out.org
guccifer2.wordpress.com truthandaction.org
hangthebankers.com truthdig.com
healthnutnews.com truthfeed.com
henrymakow.com truthkings.com
heresyblog.net ufoholic.com
humansarefree.com undergroundworldnews.com
ihavethetruth.com unz.com
in5d.com usanewshome.com
informationclearinghouse.info usapoliticsnow.com
infowars.com usasupreme.com
intellihub.com usdcrisis.com
intersectionproject.eu usslibertyveterans.org
intrepidreport.com vdare.com
investmentresearchdynamics.com veteransnewsnow.com
investmentwatchblog.com veteranstoday.com
jackpineradicals.com vigilantcitizen.com
jamesrgrangerjr.com viralliberty.com
jewsnews.co.il voltairenet.org
journal-neo.org wakeupthesheep.com
katehon.com wakingtimes.com
kingworldnews.com washingtonsblog.com
lewrockwell.com wearechange.org
libertyblitzkrieg.com weshapelife.org
libertywritersnews.com whatdoesitmean.com
makeamericagreattoday.com whatreallyhappened.com
memoryholeblog.com wikileaks.com
mintpressnews.com wikileaks.org
moonofalabama.org wikispooks.com
nakedcapitalism.com worldnewspolitics.com
naturalblaze.com worldpolitics.us
naturalnews.com www.fort-russ.com
newcoldwar.org yournewswire.com
newstarget.com zerohedge.com

List v0.0.6: Initial Release
List v0.0.7:
Removed following constructive conversations with outlet operators: aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk, abovetopsecret.com, counterpunch.org, nutritionfacts.org, russia-direct.org
Added: 4thmedia.org, nsnbc.me, presstv.com, theunhivedmind.com, sana.sy

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Inscrit le: 13 Sep 2008
Messages: 47 838
Localisation: BDR
Vierge (24aoû-22sep) 蛇 Serpent
Point(s): 450
Moyenne de points: 127
50000: 147
100: 0
étoile: 7 681

MessagePosté le: 10.12.16 17:26    Sujet du message: liste de sites propagande russe enfin c'est "eux "qui le disent Répondre en citant

Par The Saker – Le 26 novembre 2016 – Source The Saker


Au cours des deux derniers jours, j’ai été submergé de courriels m’avertissant que le blog du Saker est arrivé au point où il appartient à «un ensemble de sites qui font fièrement écho à la propagande russe» (la liste complète ici).

Non seulement cela, mais le Washington Post a décidé de faire de la publicité pour cette liste qui, soyons honnêtes, n’a guère besoin d’un imprimatur officiel puisqu’elle est composée de personnes complètement anonymes. Eh bien, que puis-je dire ? Je suppose quelque chose du style «Je suis profondément honoré et j’accepte le prix». :-)

Pour être honnête, mon côté vaniteux était un peu vexé quand mon blog n’avait pas figuré sur la liste de http://www.fakenewswatch.com/. À l’époque, je me suis promis que je travaillerai encore plus dur, pour, je l’espère, faire un jour partie de cette liste.

Maintenant, la bonne nouvelle est que je suis en excellente compagnie : drudgereport.com, lewrockwell.com, moonofalabama.org, paulcraigroberts.org, ronpaulinstitute.org, southfront.org, sputniknews.com, theduran.com, wikileaks.org, Wikispooks.com, zerohedge.com – wow ! C’est assez flatteur, non ?

La mauvaise nouvelle maintenant. Cette liste comprend également les sites suivants : naturalblaze.com, naturalnews.com, gaia.com, floridasunpost.com, cosmicscientist.com. Maintenant, s’il vous plaît ne vous méprenez pas. Il n’y a rien de mal avec ces sites, c’est juste qu’ils n’ont probablement pas essayé aussi durement que d’autres de faire tomber l’immense édifice de mensonges que les médias néocons sionistes ont construit au cours de ces trente ou quarante dernières années.

Donc, si je veux être vraiment honnête, je dois admettre que cette liste de sites «qui font fièrement écho à la propagande russe» est, franchement, un travail bâclé, pour ne pas dire salopé, fait par des gens qui ne se sont vraiment pas trop creusé le ciboulot pour identifier leurs véritables ennemis.

J’espère qu’à l’avenir les gens qui ont établi cette liste initiale se borneront à une liste crédible de sources qui, à leur avis, «reflètent fidèlement la propagande russe», car il est également évident pour moi que, à l’exception des robots zombies en phase terminale de la Clinton, tout le monde comprendra exactement ce que signifie cette liste : elle comprend tous ceux qui menacent le monopole informationnel de la sphère des médias sionistes à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur des États-Unis.

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MessagePosté le: Aujourd’hui à 03:11    Sujet du message: liste de sites propagande russe enfin c'est "eux "qui le disent

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